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"I've got a Feeling"

22/06/2010 09:19

We’re in India!!!

I actually have no idea what India is like since we arrived in the middle of the night and went from airport-hospital shuttle-hospital. The hospital is comparable to a Canadian hospital although when I look out the window past the driveway lined by beautifully designed landscape and a guarded gate I realize how incredible this hospital really is. Beyond the gate I see hundreds of tin roof shacks, stray dogs and garbage flying around everywhere. I can also SEE how thick and savage the smog is here.

My good friend Priscilla who came for support had already gotten picked up by the hospital and taken to my room to sleep before I arrived. Donna and Chris were taken off to their own room and the same for my mom and dad. My mom is also getting a bunch of tests done to try and figure out a cause for her debilitating migraine headaches. It has not even been 24hours since admission and we (me, mom and Donna) have already gotten an MRI/MRV, Doppler ultrasound of the right and left jugular veins, blood work, chest X-rays, urine analysis and a thorough examination by the potential surgeon and physician.  The food is plentiful and delicious. The staff have been extremely helpful, abundant, polite and most importantly (especially with my dad around) they all seem to have a good sense of humour. For example, when my doctor put my medical bracelet on he told me it was a friendship bracelet. Good thing my mom thought ahead to bring a bunch of Canadian gifts to give to staff and there just happened to be a Canadian flag bracelet to give to my new friend J

On a more serious note, when I was getting my ultrasound I asked the technician if he saw anything abnormal and he said….no.  The same for Donna and we are both pretty disappointed and nervous for the other test results. I have since met with my physician and he has noticed some blockage in the upper part of my right jugular vein. He warns that this part of the vein is hard to keep open with an angioplasty with no stent. We now wait patiently for our next and final yet more invasive and most accurate test, the venogram. I`ve got a feeling this test will be what gives us the results we want to see….crappy veins ;)  It is now June 22nd, 8:30pm Dehli time and we will probably wait until tomorrow for our next test. In the meantime, I look forward to seeing another one of my really good friends Shannon Rempel who is also coming here for support. She arrives at around 2:30am. Apparently international flights only land at night because they do not want people to see the smog...

That`s all for now. Thanks for all of the positive and encouraging messages and I`ll keep you updated on tomorrows news.


Ps- Dad loves Indian food… his first meal in India was `Subway` haha

"Come Together....Right Now"

15/06/2010 11:59

I and the rest of Team Tazza, all the other riders and volunteers at this years MS bike tour could not have asked for better weather! It was another successful Rona MS Bike Tour put on by the MS Society. It is such a positive event and everyone is in high spirits and have a great time riding, eating, dancing, eating some more then riding some more :) I would love to continue organizing a team to participate in this annual event, BUT there's a BUT...

I can not help but feel the tension and feel torn between three society's that supposedly have the same goal; Curing MS! First there is the MS Society who puts on great fundraisers across the country and really helps to bring together all people affected by this disease. They also fund many studies on many different potential MS therapies, however, I do not feel that they are respecting the urgency that MS patients feel to receive the Liberation treatment IN CANADA. On the other hand, there are two society's who's primary goal is to implement the Liberation Treatment in Canada; CCSVI Calgary and Direct-MS, but do not provide any sort of community for MS patients to collaborate.  The opposing views of these societies results in a lot of negative tension that has created an extra barrier they need to overcome in order to continue progressing forward in hopes of finding a cure as well as forced MS patients to make an unfair choice on where their support lies.

So while I have gained so much from all of these societies I am left feeling frustrated that I have to pick between them. After all, me and my MS Bike Tour team have raised just over a quarter million dollars for the MS Society but I still have to raise extra money on top of that to fly to India to receive treatment. All because the MS Society isn't supporting the Liberation Treatment. With CCSVI or Direct-MS they would have used that money to get me to India but they also wouldn't have had organized a bike tour to allow me to raise that money to begin with. 

If these groups could just find a way to collaborate and unite their strengths then loyalties wouldn't be split and patients would benefit. If the MS Society's powerful support system and the emphasis CCSVI Calgary/Direct MS place on the Liberation Treatment could be combined then a middle ground could be established. If they could just come together...right now. 




Successful Crystal Patches fundraiser!

08/06/2010 13:32

I am very happy to announce the total amount raised at my fundraiser last Saturday at the Mount Royal Metropolitan Grill:

$15 000!!

I could not help but break down when I stood at the front of the room with a microphone in hand staring back at a large room FULL of all my favourite people who are always there for me as friends and supporters.

"Her and Us" played their hearts out as usual and impressed the crowd with their talent.

"Light and Soul" used the energy and love from the room to paint a work of art that was sold for approximately $500. My favourite part of this painting was the quote that I will never forget: "See beyond sight..."

Ryan Jimmo AKA Robo Jimmo entertained the crowd (and maybe scared a few) with his unique talent of doing the robot

Denny Morrison made for a big highlight of the night by waxing his legs on stage

DJ's were rad and their beautiful girlfriends showed us all up on the dance floor!

The silent auction was popular and we even had CTV come out to take footage of the event.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this night so fun and successful!

Lots of pictures taken by Arno Hoogveld to come...


28/05/2010 11:17

Well actually, a LOT of help from my friends AND family. I get goosebumps everytime I see a new friend on facebook with a patch picture on their profile or an encouraging message to me on their status. A huge thank you to all of you for your incredible support so far. All your efforts have already raised me $10 000 and tripled the hits on my website!


It has recently been confirmed that both my friends Priscilla Ng and Shannon Remple have their tickets booked and Visa's on their way to join me for support in India!!! So the whole crew will consist of me, my mom and dad, Donna (friend of the family and MS patient going to get the same treatment), her husband Chris and now Shannon and Priscilla! 



Spread the love and awareness

19/05/2010 12:07

As seen on my Facebook status, I am asking anyone who reads this to add to your facebook status leading up to my Indian departure to get liberated on June 23rd. 

AND If you want an A++ in supporting me, you can change your facebook profile pic to a patch picture (either own or from the website). 

Looking forward to seeing the hits on my website rise higher than perezhilton's :)


Steve Nash needs a Crystal Patch...

18/05/2010 12:16

Ok so I do not have tv and am often behind with news and especially with celebrity gossip. But, yesterday after meeting with my friend Kent Toth he gave me this great idea to send Steve Nash a Crystal Patch. I thought that was an odd idea until he filled me in about his eye injury and need to wear an eye patch anyways. Hahaha brilliant! Next step: Anyone have a connection to Steve Nash or an address where I can send an eye patch to him??

It's Official

17/05/2010 10:29

June 23rd is the day that both me and my friend Donna Romaniuk will be admitted into the hospital in Dehli, India to get tested for CCSVI and possibly liberated!! I feel very confident and excited for the journey.

Loves, CP

Attracting A Cure...

13/05/2010 14:00

"Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting" -This is the title of a book that was recently given to me from a friend & coworker of mine. Its main message is about the law of attraction and how you attract things on the same vibrational level as you. They say that the key ingredient to attracting what you want to attract in life is not only by thinking about your dreams and goals but to actually practice Feeling them coming true.

So, I decided to put it to the test! Everyday until my liberation treatment in India I am going to try and think about and feel myself being cured of MS. I have tried it a few times and am impressed with the results so far. After a "visualization session" I feel an incredible confidence and happiness. I find that my mind will start this snowball effect of positive feelings and thoughts. I often end my practice hugging all my friends and family because I had just qualified to go to the 2014 olympics. Even just writing about it releases those terrific drugs made by mother nature herself....endorphins :)

This has taken some practice and patience but is so worth it. Give it a try!


Favorite Rally Quotes:

06/05/2010 07:40

Thank you Mike and Alanna for showing your support at the ungodly weathered rally in Calgary yesterday and to mom, dad, Donna and Donna's son for going to the rally in Edmonton. 

These rally's were held in cities across Canada yesterday to promote awareness on CCSVI and the Liberation Treatment. Despite the poor weather, it was still a strong turn out and with some media attention.  No, we were not handing out flowers to cops or anything but I thought I would share with you my favorite two quotes that were written on signs and chanted:

#1 "Blood flow from head to toe!"

#2 "Untangle my veins to fix my brains"

MS patients are so clever,  just think about our potential without iron poisoning our nervous systems! Please let me know (via signing the guestbook) if you think of a good quote.

Just thought of one: "Never fear, the cure is near" :)

Off to the land of skewed reality and over consumption AKA Vegas!!!!


Gone Drug Free to be MS Free

03/05/2010 14:37

Today I want to officially announce that I am and have been for the last couple of weeks, 100% drug free! I just can not turn a blind eye to how misleading the Canadian Health Care system and big pharma world is and has been anymore. My current $1400 a month treatment of daily injections is not working and my only options were a new $1600 a month drug which is pretty much liver poison and a savage steroid treatment OR go against the grains (one of my favorite things to do) and treat my MS a completely natural way through a strict diet, supplemental routine and visualization. 

Wish me luck and all your good vibes are always welcome and are my favorite therapy :)   

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