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"I've got a Feeling"

22/06/2010 09:19

We’re in India!!!

I actually have no idea what India is like since we arrived in the middle of the night and went from airport-hospital shuttle-hospital. The hospital is comparable to a Canadian hospital although when I look out the window past the driveway lined by beautifully designed landscape and a guarded gate I realize how incredible this hospital really is. Beyond the gate I see hundreds of tin roof shacks, stray dogs and garbage flying around everywhere. I can also SEE how thick and savage the smog is here.

My good friend Priscilla who came for support had already gotten picked up by the hospital and taken to my room to sleep before I arrived. Donna and Chris were taken off to their own room and the same for my mom and dad. My mom is also getting a bunch of tests done to try and figure out a cause for her debilitating migraine headaches. It has not even been 24hours since admission and we (me, mom and Donna) have already gotten an MRI/MRV, Doppler ultrasound of the right and left jugular veins, blood work, chest X-rays, urine analysis and a thorough examination by the potential surgeon and physician.  The food is plentiful and delicious. The staff have been extremely helpful, abundant, polite and most importantly (especially with my dad around) they all seem to have a good sense of humour. For example, when my doctor put my medical bracelet on he told me it was a friendship bracelet. Good thing my mom thought ahead to bring a bunch of Canadian gifts to give to staff and there just happened to be a Canadian flag bracelet to give to my new friend J

On a more serious note, when I was getting my ultrasound I asked the technician if he saw anything abnormal and he said….no.  The same for Donna and we are both pretty disappointed and nervous for the other test results. I have since met with my physician and he has noticed some blockage in the upper part of my right jugular vein. He warns that this part of the vein is hard to keep open with an angioplasty with no stent. We now wait patiently for our next and final yet more invasive and most accurate test, the venogram. I`ve got a feeling this test will be what gives us the results we want to see….crappy veins ;)  It is now June 22nd, 8:30pm Dehli time and we will probably wait until tomorrow for our next test. In the meantime, I look forward to seeing another one of my really good friends Shannon Rempel who is also coming here for support. She arrives at around 2:30am. Apparently international flights only land at night because they do not want people to see the smog...

That`s all for now. Thanks for all of the positive and encouraging messages and I`ll keep you updated on tomorrows news.


Ps- Dad loves Indian food… his first meal in India was `Subway` haha