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Favorite Rally Quotes:

06/05/2010 07:40

Thank you Mike and Alanna for showing your support at the ungodly weathered rally in Calgary yesterday and to mom, dad, Donna and Donna's son for going to the rally in Edmonton. 

These rally's were held in cities across Canada yesterday to promote awareness on CCSVI and the Liberation Treatment. Despite the poor weather, it was still a strong turn out and with some media attention.  No, we were not handing out flowers to cops or anything but I thought I would share with you my favorite two quotes that were written on signs and chanted:

#1 "Blood flow from head to toe!"

#2 "Untangle my veins to fix my brains"

MS patients are so clever,  just think about our potential without iron poisoning our nervous systems! Please let me know (via signing the guestbook) if you think of a good quote.

Just thought of one: "Never fear, the cure is near" :)

Off to the land of skewed reality and over consumption AKA Vegas!!!!