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Attracting A Cure...

13/05/2010 14:00

"Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting" -This is the title of a book that was recently given to me from a friend & coworker of mine. Its main message is about the law of attraction and how you attract things on the same vibrational level as you. They say that the key ingredient to attracting what you want to attract in life is not only by thinking about your dreams and goals but to actually practice Feeling them coming true.

So, I decided to put it to the test! Everyday until my liberation treatment in India I am going to try and think about and feel myself being cured of MS. I have tried it a few times and am impressed with the results so far. After a "visualization session" I feel an incredible confidence and happiness. I find that my mind will start this snowball effect of positive feelings and thoughts. I often end my practice hugging all my friends and family because I had just qualified to go to the 2014 olympics. Even just writing about it releases those terrific drugs made by mother nature herself....endorphins :)

This has taken some practice and patience but is so worth it. Give it a try!