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First blog

01/05/2010 23:11

First of all, thank you for visiting my new website. I have a) never created a website before and b) never blogged before SO any feedback (comments, questions, concerns etc.) is very much appreciated. Today is the launch of the Crystal Patches Fundraising Campaign and so far I have 150 decorated eye patches ready to be sold!

Last night I went to a very encouraging information session put on by Direct-MS in Calgary. It was all about the new "liberation Treatment" for CCSVI (see my fundraising page for details). I went with my mom and my new friends Chris and Donna. You two are amazing BTW!!! The long and short of it is that it helped me make the decision to go get tested for CCSVI and if they find any blocked or narrowed veins then I will be getting the "Liberation Treatment". This will most likely be in in Dehli, India of all places (thanks to dad's connections). Hopefully I will get to squeeze in a little yoga retreat :)

Side note- Why I consider myself a pro-cyclops:  I have mastered Groat Road in Edmonton with one eye.  I am also proud  to say that I am slowly starting to get my vision back in my left eye....I give kudos to my Udo's oil for my apparently very speedy recovery. *6-9 TBSP daily :)


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