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Looking for a Nutritionist who...

Does individual nutritional consultations for all ages, understands MS and works with elite athletes?

Looking for a Speaker who...

Does motivational, environmental and/or nutrition presentations?

Contact Crystal Phillips from Branch Out Nutrition (contact info above)





Date: 04/05/2010

By: secrete admirer

Subject: brilliant!

This is a freaking fabulous idea!!! You are such an inspiration, especially in the skating community. we all admire you and I look forward to making a donation to your cause. thanks for being so fabulous!

Date: 03/05/2010

By: Juicy

Subject: YOU. ARE. AWESOME!!!!

YOU. ARE. AWESOME!!!!! ( with the move from the kid...!)
This is SO great! It is so inspiring, wow!!!
Awesome website, lovely colors and beautifull patches!!! Wish I could join for all that arts and crafts!
ALL the best is to come! :)
Beaucoup d'amour! XXX

Date: 03/05/2010

By: Donna Romanuik

Subject: You're Incredible!!!

LOVE the web site! The glitter, the theme, the passion! Well done! I'll be wearing my patch with pride alright! HUGS and skishes, Donna

Date: 02/05/2010

By: Andrea Bower

Subject: You rock

Crystal - you're amazing. The website, your ingenuity, your energy and your optimism are inspiring.
Andrea xo

Date: 30/04/2010

By: Mike Phillips

Subject: MS Awareness

Congrats Crystal on always turning a negative into a positive. The new website is awsome.

Love ya.

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