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Date: 31/10/2010

By: Dad

Subject: Speed Skating

Hey Crystal

I'm up and at em early Sunday morning and see the results of your 500, 1000, and 1500 races. Not bad eh! Some 30 sec laps and some good openers. Have a great 3000. Better you than me. Lov Ya.


Date: 30/08/2010

By: lauren spicer

Subject: stuff

Crystal, I've never experienced something like MS before but you explained it veeeery well in the presentation on Saturday at the skate like a girl camp. You did an outstanding job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lovely Lauren (group 1)

Date: 28/07/2010

By: Dwayne Dreher

Subject: inspiration

Hey Crystal. Thought you werent competing in Vancouver this year for Canada, I just wanted to say:

Medals dont inspire, People inspire!
You are a gold medal person, which is what really counts, and I have a suspicion that you will own the podium in 2014!

Always in your corner,

Date: 28/06/2010

By: Steve Cormier

Subject: Crossing Park School

All the Clean Air Achiever students at Crossing Park School and myself in Calgary, AB find your story very inspiring and are very proud of you and to have had the opportunity to meet you. All the best and enjoy India!

Date: 24/06/2010

By: Dwayne Dreher

Subject: inspirational message

Hey Crystal.

Thought you may like this inspirational message: (from the Andre
> Agassi book)
> Que lindo es sonar despierto - How lovely it is to dream while
> you are awake. Dream while you're awake, say your dreams out
> loud and believe in them.

Best wishes,

Date: 24/06/2010

By: Yu & Kokanee.

Subject: Hey

Hey Crystal.

Thank you to keeping us updated. The result may not what we all wanted to know but your story will inspired many people to keep moving and not give up.

Your story are amazing. The rest of time. Enjoy and have more fun in India.

Big hugs,
Yu & Kokanee

Date: 23/06/2010

By: Patrick Cassidy

Subject: clogged veins from Subway

Crystal, thanks for keeping us updated! We're all praying for you with fingers crossed! [That's how it's done, right?] Speaking of clogged veins you need to tell your father that if he eats at Subway too often he might have to book into the hospital for one of those stints himself! Good luck kid! Keep up the good work!

Date: 21/06/2010

By: Jocelyn

Subject: wow!

I haven't talked to you in a long long time, but I am very inspired by what you are doing. I also wanted to tell you that I am so proud of you and your determination gives me hope!!!

Date: 17/06/2010

By: Elmer Stang

Subject: liberation

Crystal, great web site, I would like help to build my site, as I want to help others get LIBERATED! Elmer ( Airdrie Ab.)

Date: 17/06/2010

By: Casey Phillips

Subject: ...........

Great website!!!! you have done an awesome job!! keep pushing Crystal! The "Yanks" are proud of you and wish you all the best in everything you do!!!!

Big Huggs n Lots o Love

Casey n Linda

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