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Does individual nutritional consultations for all ages, understands MS and works with elite athletes?

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Does motivational, environmental and/or nutrition presentations?

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Date: 17/05/2010

By: Sam Mackie

Subject: Transatlantic lovin!

Once again you come up with another great idea to raise money, but this time for both a good cause and a great one, MS and you!! Wish i could be that side take part in all your fundraisers, still confident I could out bid you if we were both sold at singles auction ;) but until then i'll keep spreading the good word UK side and donate where i can! Much love xx

Date: 09/05/2010

By: JR

Subject: Rally Quote

How about " Get me an angioplasty before I turn nasty!"
Scare them a little bit

Date: 08/05/2010

By: JR

Subject: Well played madam

I hope Vegas is good therapy! Love the website, well done!

Date: 07/05/2010

By: Tim Randles & Priscilla Ng

Subject: Awesome Job!!!

Awesome job on the site Crystal! We can't wait to sport our very own eyepatches :)

Date: 06/05/2010

By: Crystal Phillips

Subject: Therapy

Thank you for all your love and support AKA my therapy :)
Lots of love back,

Date: 06/05/2010

By: Tobey

Subject: happiness

Crystal this website is great! I just took the time to look over the entire website, and it is truly inspiring! Congrats on the global news stuff and I look foreward to getting back into the eye patch swing of things!

Date: 05/05/2010

By: Tory Ansuwan

Subject: Eye love it! ;)

So ecofriendly (as we really didn't want to throw those glitters and shineys away), creative, fun and positive for everyone. Not to mention a great excuse to meet up with people we haven't seen in a while. (I mean who can say they don't have time for a charity? haha!)
great job!

Date: 05/05/2010

By: Tracy Neumann

Subject: ATB Financial Branches

Great job with the website Crystal! Global News will be running the story on you tomorrow (Thursday, May 6) during all of their daily local newscasts. Be sure to watch! Don't forget to spread the word that donations for your personal journey to get the Liberation Operation are being accepted at all ATB FINANCIAL Branches. Good luck to you!

Date: 13/05/2010

By: Tracy Neumann

Subject: Re: ATB Financial Branches

The account number at ATB is 868-128-3251-01 or you can just click on Crystal's PayPal icon on the home page. :)

Date: 04/05/2010

By: Kamau Peterson

Subject: Keep it up

MS obviously has a tremendous ambassador, and that's to be commended. Although the battle may seem uphill at times, continue to battle and you'll make ground. Your positivity and outlook will make all the difference as you already know. Stay blessed.

Kamau Peterson - Edmonton Eskimos #8

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