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Does individual nutritional consultations for all ages, understands MS and works with elite athletes?

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Date: 15/06/2010

By: John Gilmour

Subject: Stuff

Hi Crystal,
I'm 71 yrs. I have just overcome a Stroke 2009.
I had issues with medication that took away my mobility,"Cholesterol Inhibitors"
I'm going to my doctor this week to be tested for coronary vein obstruction.
"The More I know, The More I Know, I Don't Know"

"Just because We don't see it, Doesn't mean It Isn't There!
Kind Regards,

Date: 06/06/2010

By: Donna & Chris Romanuik

Subject: Sooo...

How'd your big night go??? Dying to hear all about it and see pics!! Thank goodness both of our auctions are over - now it's time to concentrate on our trip. We're gonna ROCK India babe!
Big hugs,

Date: 04/06/2010

By: Kylee

Subject: Good Work!

Nice website! Ben and I will be at your fundraiser this Saturday. Take care, thinking of you!


Date: 04/06/2010

By: Capt C

Subject: Love it


Love it. Speak soon x

Date: 30/05/2010

By: Tory Ansuwan

Subject: Liberation Celebration

Myself and Yu along with On The Rocks bar in Edmonton will be hosting a welcome back liberation celebration patch party for all those who would like to sport their eye patches once again to show your support on friday July 23rd. I am still clarifying details and will keep you posted.

Date: 30/05/2010

By: Houston Hons (aka Tawnya, Mike, Claire and Violet)

Subject: Awesome Crystal!

So happy to see what you are doing! Awesome job! My parents are also on the Liberation journey and have scans booked to see if they can get treated in Barrie, Ont. We'll be praying that you are liberated and can thoroughly enjoy life without any other serious "reality checks". We're planning to do the MS ride here from Houston to Austin and will definitely be thinking of you also on the ride.
Keep up the excellent work!

Date: 29/05/2010

By: Airport Mike

Subject: Awesome

Crystal !! I love how your website has grown and I'm so glad you have a date with India! You are awesome!


Airport Mike

PS. Stay away from old airport cops on bikes and bomb sniffing beagles on your way to India

Date: 23/05/2010

By: Hans Ulrich Meseck

Subject: good idea eyepatch

great idea Crystal, look forward to receive mine..... thanks.

Date: 19/05/2010

By: Violet Thumlert

Subject: Nice Work

Hey Crystal. You are amazing! This website is incredible :)


Date: 18/05/2010

By: Brigi

Subject: ........

What a great website, Crystal! We are looking forward to support your efforts and dreams. You are a true inspiration for all of us. If you are looking for a great work force, Kamilla would love to join the next 'eye patch" making party, if possible :o)

Much love big hugs:
Brigi, Jer, Kamilla and Kolos

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