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Wow Wow Wow!!!!

02/03/2011 22:05


There are some seriously amazing people in this world and they are the reason I am feeling as healthy and happy as I am despite the reality of my MS. 
An exciting announcement came unexpectedly a few days ago.  I was on skype catching up with my amazing friend Justine L'heureux.  She's been (and still is) away travelling for a year.  We chatted for half an hour about what we've both been up to.  Near the end of our conversation she took me totally by surprise when she said "the best and most meaningful part of my journey is still ahead and it involves you."  Then she went on to describe how she and a mutual (and just as amazing) friend, Marie-Michelle Lafontaine, were presently biking around Thailand and that they were doing it for a special reason.  Quietly I thought "Yes! Justine and Marie are going to make it to my bike tour in June!"  but Justine's plan far exceeded all expectations.  Disbelief and tears of joy overcame me as she told how she along with her boyfriend (from France), Marie and maybe others will be leaving Quebec City May 1st to bike across Canada and they will end up at the Branch Out Bike tour in Panorama June 25th.
wow wow wow.  No words can describe how moved and pumped I feel.
I'm looking forward to blogging updates on the group's progress across the country.  I have no details as yet but just couldn't wait to tell everyone.
For those who are unaware of this bike tour (Branch Out Bike Tour), it is the main fundraising event for the new charity that me and 4 other friends founded in Nov. 2010. For more details on the Charity and bike tour,  please visit: