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The Long and Winding Road

24/06/2010 21:53

In a few hours I will finally be discharged from the hospital and free to see India for the first time.  I can just imagine how grounding it will be to see what the majority of the population lives like.

Donna is doing really well with noticeably more feeling in her hands and feet. This is a good sign and I have a feeling that it is only the beginning of her improvements. I only got to see her briefly yesterday but will, of course continue updating on her progress.

 It’s been quite the emotional roller coaster for me so far but thanks to all my friends, family, hospital staff and all of you back home sending me encouraging messages; my tears have been few and far between. My results a couple of days ago may have been disappointing at first but it’s now time to re-group, re-focus and find a new direction on my journey to find a cure. This is just the beginning down this long and winding road and I look forward to and feel positive about my future and the future of MS.

Do I still think CCSVI research is important for me personally? Absolutely

Would I recommend for all MS patients to get tested as soon as possible? Definitely

Would I recommend The Max Super Specialty Hospital in New Delhi to others? No question. Yes!

Will I continue to Fundraise? Of course. I want to not only help other MS patients get tested and possibly treated  but also help fund studies on MS and CCSVI that are taking place around the world.

Will I continue to skate? Yes, for as long as I am able and for as long as it makes me happy

Off to the Indian markets!!

Crystal Phillips