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The Triple Trouble Bikers Blog!

24/05/2011 19:23


Quarter of the way: DONE, english version

by jujansmar

Sunday, May 15th 2011
Hi Everyone!
It’s been 2 weeks since we started our crosscountry tour! To celebrate the quarter of our adventure (1200km), we’d like to share with you what we’ve experienced so far
Despite a difficult start and the cold Quebec weather, we really appreciated the warm welcome of our families and friends.
Couple of issues happened at the beginning with our famous B.O.B – luggage on wheels that we have names “Bob Gratton” and “Bob Junior”.
After a couple of fall and a stop at the garage, we have learn to conquer them!
After visiting our beautiful national capital, we rode along the Ottawa river with beautiful summer-like conditions until Mattawa.
Whether it was on a farm in Renfrew where we were received like Kings, in a motor home in Wahnapitae or in a lovely franco-ontarian family in North Bay, we discovered day after day the incredible generosity of ontarians!
Already 12 days that we are sitting on our bikes and our trio is doing really well!
We’re getting noticed with our bright jerseys, our energy and our guy from Paris who charms everyone with his accent!
We’re writing today from Sault-Ste Marie after a rough 115km facing the powerful winds of the West. As many ontarians have warned us, our east-west direction is working against us, but doesn’t deter us from our ultimate goal to get to Panorama at the Brach Out Bike Tour on June 25th.
As much as the contact with wonderful strangers were interesting and diversified, we can’t help but to be amazed at the scenary. The seasons changing as we bike along, bringing warmth to our days & nights is really pleasant compared to the rather cold nights we initially experienced.

We’d like to thank all the people who made donations to the foundation and everyone who supported us until now.
We’d also like to thank everyone who attended the benefit at Brinadon restaurant before our departure: It was a real success!
Whether we go through difficult moments or inspiring ones, the thoughts of dear Crystal gives us the energy and will to keep on going.
Many thanks to everyone we met along the way:

-The Passion Velo team in Trois-Rivieres for their devotion on a Saturday night right before our departure
-Mrs Lise St-Arnaud  for the huge sponsorship made with love!
-The Cossette family in Berthiervillefor their warm welcome after the rain
-The Belair family in Joliette for the lunch break
-Matt and his family in St-Jerome
-Micha and the Miljevic-Laroche family for the wonderful evening in Ottawa
-The Johnson family in Renfrew and Julie & Connor for the delicious “french pancakes” 
-Michel & Diane in Wanhapitae
-The Boulay family who welcomes gypsies like they were their own!
-Gerry, his wife and 3 kids for a warm night!
-JJ Hilsinger for a wonderful sponsored suite at the Water Tower Inn

The 3 bikers: Justine, Jansen et Marie-Michelle