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Stop Fluoridating Our Water! Please.

07/01/2011 21:39

I believe that until disease rates decrease and there are known causes and cures to the currently prevalent diseases (like MS), it is hard to believe that a known toxin, fluoride, is safe in small doses. Fluoridating our water is extremely high risk to our health.

Currently our city spends over $750,000 per year adding fluoride to municipal tap water. Hmmmm...

Help make a positive change before this Monday to influence our city council to take a vote to stop fluoridated tap water in Calgary.

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Our new mayor, Naheed Nenshi has asked Calgarians to speak up to prove that the majority of us do not want Fluoride in the water...

Email and or call your local alderman as well as the Mayor before Monday's city council vote
Alderman Offices: