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"Let It Be"

12/07/2010 16:23

I came across the perfect Dalai Lama quote today:

"I find hope in the darkest of days, and focus in the brightest. I do not judge the universe."


I am now back home and finding it hard to break the news to so many that I did not get "liberated". It reminds me of when I would come back from a speed skating competition and have to answer the common question asked upon my return: "Did you win?". Well no I didnt BUT I gave it my best, I got a new personal best time, learned that I should pace myself better, got to travel and met few new friends! Then I go back to training and figure out what needs to change so that I improve my results the next time. I know I can not win them all but It`s still fun,challenging, keeps me modest yet still motivated.

Same deal for my health now. I am currently reassessing my situation. I am trying to mostly focus on the bright experiences in India and when I have darker moments I focus on what I learned from my Indian journey and think about how the new knowledge I gained will help me in my continued search to my ultimate goal....a cure.

So I will follow the Indian way of thinking, "Let It Be" and not judge the universe for the way that things unfolded for me at the Max Super Specialty Hospital and keep moving forward