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One Year Drug Free!!!

01/05/2011 09:14

One year ago today, the urge to treat my MS 100% naturally had built up enough for me to get off the daily injectable I was on for 5 years!

At this time last year, I also lost vision in my left eye so the decision made a few friends and family members a little nervous and my doctors very nervous. 

 My neurologists wanted me to go on steroids and a new injectable drug that may cause liver damage. One of my neurologists even painted me this pretty picture: "You're disease is very serious, it’s progressing and it only takes one lesion to flare up and ruin your life. I don't want you wheeling in here in a wheel chair next year and tell me that you wish you did everything you could. I strongly suggest you try these new drugs." hmmm some encouragement that was!  The thought of pumping my body full of poisons that will give me flu-like symptoms for months, possibly destroy my liver and trusting this negative neurologist who was chugging diet pop throughout our entire meeting was WAY scarier than the "risk" of going drug-free. My diecision was made.

With only a minor relapse in the winter (double vision for 4 days), this last year has been my healthiest year since my diagnosis 6 years ago AND my MRI in January showed no disease progression. It has been win-win for both my health and my career. Working as a Natural Nutritionist and continuing my studies in herbal medicine have really helped me stay encouraged and confident to stay drug free and the fact that I feel better doing my natural thing keeps me encouraged to stay on this same career path.

I would also like to add that my "natural thing" does not not include some magic supplement or secret diet plan. It is simply enjoying a fresh, wholesome diet and thinking healthy thoughts.

So the only wheeling I'm going to be doing this year is on my road bike in Panorama for the Branch Out Bike Tour ;)

Cheers to a healthy future!