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Ol Lefty... chiro for MS

17/08/2010 13:48

One of the consistent symptoms of mine throughout the past 5 years of living with MS is twitching/loss of sensation/muscle spasms/weakness/numbness in my left leg. So I often refer to my left leg as "ol lefty". Otherwise, no I do not talk in third person!  

Anyways, as I am getting back into a consistent training regime I have noticed a worsening of all these symptoms in my left leg, especially after a running program. Well I have good news! Last week I went for an overdue visit to my Chiropractor, Richard Robinson. I think Harry Potter is a more appropriate name for him as it feels like he performs magic after I see him, BUT this was only after a couple days of pain and fear... I got an adjustment on my back and neck last Thursday (Aug. 12th) . For the following 2-3 days all my symptoms were worsening, especially the leg twitches. I started to think something went terribly wrong and that I might be going into relapse. I decided to wait it out and ice my lower back. Sure enough I felt like a new person come Sunday. Today (Aug. 17th) I did running sprints and can say that for the first time this summer I did not experience ANY symptoms in ol lefty during or following the workout. 

A million thumbs up to Chiro for MS!  Now we need to figure out wether the problem is pressure on the veins or nerves or both...