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"I Am The Walrus" -New bend in the road

02/07/2010 00:25

 This country is more confusing than the lyrics to "I am the Walrus" and definetely a good distraction to my occasional negative thoughts and fears about my health. It is also extremely grounding being here, surrounded by poverty, pollution and overpopulation. I feel like the luckiest human on earth here but my heart is repeatedly broken at the sights I am witnessing. 

I have now left the city of 14-17 MILLION people and made it to a city called Udaipur (aka White City). Me, my parents and Shannon took off a couple of days ago on a train to Jaipur (aka Pink City) where we saw some beautiful architecture and a wall that mimics the wall of China but on a smaller scale (obvs). We then took an overnight bus to Udaipur and fell in the love with the city for its beautiful landscape, cleanliness (esp. compared to Delhi) and Lake Palace view from the rooftop patio of our charming little hostel.  My parents are heading back to Delhi tomorow but me and Shannon are planning to stay a couple extra nights here to explore the city some more. Donna and Chris are staying in Delhi so that Donna can go to physio at the hospital everyday. She is still feeling and looking great!

my continued quest for a cure...

I am not counting out CCSVI but am excited to continue trying new things (preferably natural) to optimize my health. There is a seriously interesting and wide range of healing approaches in the world. As a natural nutritionist and student in herbology, these different healing systems naturally fascinate me!  

Tomorow, I am going to be meeting with an Ayurvedic Doctor and yoga master on the rooftop of my guest house at 6:00am where he will lead a yoga class for me, Shanon and my mom. Probably not my dad. I will then meet with him about an Ayurvedic healing approach for my MS. Ayurveda and Yoga are sometimes considered to be sister sciences of ancient India. Ayurveda is related to healing the body using the natural therapies and medicines whereas yoga is considered to be the science of mind and the body purification. But the two very well compliment each other in their own unique ways.

Off to watch the sunset colour the city with a cold Kingfisher in hand :)