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26/06/2010 21:52

Brace yourself for goosebumps and happy tears....

I first met Donna only about 5 weeks ago. She has this contagious energy that makes you want to be her friend within the first 5 seconds of meeting her. She is witty and spunky and the perfect team mate to go on this journey to India with. I was diagnosed with relapsing-remmitting MS and Donna suffers from progressive MS meaning she does not recover from her relapses. It broke my heart when I met her for the first time and watched her struggle to walk even with a cane and her hero husband Chris to hold on to. She is trapped in her own body and suffers a scroll worth of symptoms every day. I am not suprised that she was also not willing to wait the estimated  8-10 years for Canada to get their act together and go get tested abroad, with me:)

Well, I must say that seeing her yesterday will put my visit to the Taj Mahal to shame. She not only has full feeling back in her hands and feet but I watched her with my whole eye ;) get up from a chair without assistance and walk for the first time in 7 years without assisstance.

Dear Canada; Wake up!!!!!!!!