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Bodies Are Weird

14/02/2011 08:31

I had a bit of a scare over this past weekend. It started with dizziness around noon on Fri. Feb 14th. In a matter of a few hours, this dizziness quickly progressed to double vision with pain behind my left eye. Optic neuritis is what I had last May when my left eye went blind but improved back to about 60% vision. Double vision or "diplopia" is different than optic neuritis, although just as common in MS patients. I remember having double vision once for about a week during my first relapse in 2005. 7-10days is common.

 Below is a perfect example of what things looked like for me over the weekend:

Trippy I know but if I closed one eye, I could see fine again. So yes, I had to go back on the patch or close one eye if I wanted to see aything more clearly.

It is now Monday and THANKFULLY I no longer have double vision, just a little headache.

An interesting note is that after weight training on Fri morning I felt a kink in my neck. I saw my chiropractor, Richard Robinson, that afternoon and he confirmed that there was definetely a kink in my neck and that it could have something to do with my vision problem since MS patients seem to react a little more dramatically when their structure is "off". 

Another possible cause could have been physical and mental stress that I was dealing with over the past month.

I have to admit, the scariest part was not the double vision but the reminder that I am dealing with an unpredictable and serious disease that can change my life in the matter of a few hours.