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Almost 8 Months Drug Free and just Skated a PB!

20/12/2010 07:52

Last Sat, Dec. 18th, I skated my first personal best time of the season with a 40.71sec 500m.

Other than the same vision issues, I feel healthier and faster than ever :).  That time was yet another motivating factor to stay drug free and continue my healthy eating and thinking regime.


Happy Healthy Holidays!


A Few Nutrition Tips for the Holidays:

-Take some full spectrum digestive enzymes before and after large meals and/or drink a glass of water with pure lemon juice 1/2 hour before large meals to help optimize digestion and avoid a Santa belly.

-Drink cinnamon flavoured tea to help reduce sugar cravings (Celestial Selections- "Bengal Spice" is my favourite)

-Have fruits and veggies as convenient to eat (pre-cut with healthy dips) as the caramel popcorn, candy canes and Christmas baking.