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"A Shot of Rhythm and Blues" -finding a new summer rythm

27/07/2010 15:41

It's been about three weeks since I got back from India and it has taken a long time to get back into a routine and a different routine then I have ever had before. In the past, my typical summer day consists of waking up and eating, training, eating, napping, training, eating, sleeping. ahhh so simple!

Things are a little different now for a few reasons. A) I just started training this week in comparison to starting in May. Because of my last relapse of losing vision and sensation in my left leg I have had to take a much longer off season. B) I am trying to find a new path to healing, starting with finding a neurologist/doctor/naturopath or healer of any sort with a scientific yet wholistic background and approach. C) I am living in Edmonton for the summer with my parents and working in a big kid job in St. Albert as a performance nutritionist.

So if you were wondering why I'm behind with my blogging, now you know :)

A) Training- For the first time since I moved to Calgary in 2003, I am training somewhere other than the Olympic Oval and without my team and coach. This has prevented me from getting too anxious about being behind in my training and given me the opportunity to really focus on myself and reading my body as I slowly ease my way back into training. I usually would have started full time training in May but this year my first day back was 3 days ago (July 26th). Because of my MS and my last relapse that is still affecting me, I need to make sure I do not push my limits. 

Overall, my body feels super healthy and fit. I can recover well between training and work up a good sweat and leg burn in my workouts. The only thing that is holding me back, I am also finding very strange... I have not had full vision in my left eye since I lost it all in April due to my MS (Optic neuritis). Over the past few months my vision has come back to about 60% EXCEPT when my heart rate goes up. So within a few minutes of training I lose almost 100% vision again in my left eye but the rest of my body feels healthy and normal. Does this not sound like a circulation problem?? Now if only a doctor would take an interest in this and not just tell me "oh ya that's a phenomenon with Optic neuritis. Go on Drugs" Hmmm I guess this leads to B)...

B) New Path to Healing- Since being home, I saw a new neurologist who was no different than my current one, so not super open-minded. It was recommended for me to go on a drug called Rebif. I am not completely opposed to going back on drugs but I want to be going back with confidence and not only out of fear for my future. Apparently that is a hard concept for most doctors I have seen to realize. Anyways, my next step is to book an appointment with my chiro Richard Robinson as my symptoms are always alleviated after he does his magic and then I am thinking about trying the private route and booking an appointment with Dr. Hoffman at the Hoffman centre in Calgary.

C) Living in Edmonton-So I am back living with my parents in Edmonton for the summer and its actually awesome! Since I moved out when I was 16, I never got to that stage where living at home was annoying and parents are taken for granted. Now I get to go golfing with my dad (on his tab :) and come home after a long day of work with dinner (cooked by mom) waiting for me on the table. But not just any dinner, dinner made from my moms products of her green thumb!!  

I am also working as a nutritionist at an elite sports performance training centre called Athletes Nation in St. Albert ( I get to work one-on-one with pro athletes and soon to be pro's in many different sports, write a weekly health column and speak at nutrition seminars.  All this work with nutrition has also helped me stay very regimented with my personal diet.


As I get used to my temporary new routine, I will have more time to keep my updates going on my website. Check out the new album with pictures from India (even more to be added) and two new "news" articles. 


"Never Fear, The Cure is Near"

Crystal Phillips