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A Million Medical Tests...

14/04/2011 13:00


You would think after skating season finished a few weeks ago, I would be less busy not having to train 4-6 hrs a day. I worried about that since I seem to be more stressed out when my plate is not full. Thankfully, The Branch Out Bike Tour project (, working as a sports nutritionist at Athletes-Nation, continuing my herbal medicine studies at the Wild Rose College, moving, and getting a million medical tests done by Dr. Bruce Hoffman is keeping my plate full :)

Since going drug-free last May, I decided to continue my healing path, the natural way. I was referred to a private medical doctor, Dr. Bruce Hoffman (, who just happens to also use herbology, nutrition, homeopathy, meditation, vitamin/mineral therapy, aromatherapy and energy healing in his practice. Surprised I chose him ;) ?

The good news is that Dr Hoffman is a Doctor who is open-minded......crazy right!!? The bad news is the price tag. As holistic as Dr. Hoffman is, he is still very scientific and, therefore, has his patients (especially me) get a million tests done here and ships the samples of, well, you name it and I gave it, to some of the top labs in the world. 

By million tests, I mean 16, but still.

Here is the list of tests I got and the hefty price tag that comes along with them. Not exactly your regular GP tests.... 

Physical Exam and CLS Review- $150-$300
Calgary laboratory Services tests (blood, urine, ECG)
Heart Rate Variability
Heart Rate Variability/Valsava Test-$120
Body Composition Analysis-$60
CD57 (Blood)$200
MRT- Food Allergy Testing-120 foods and 30 chemicals (blood) $550
Hair Toxic Elements Exposure Profile-20 (hair) $275
Individual Optimal Nutritional Profile-20 amino acids (blood and urine)
GI Effects- gastrointestinal Function Profile (stool) $690
Full Panel-E2, t, D&C 1-4 (saliva) $475 (hormone testing)
Neuro screen basic (urine) $495
Stimulated Comprehensive Cytokine Profile with PHA-LPS-Candida (blood) $110 (check for yeast overgrowth)
Complete Lyme- Western Blot IgG&IgM, IgG/IgM/IgA IFA and PCR (blood) $800
     *It is very common that MS patients are misdiagnosed when they actually have Lyme's*
Methylation Test (blood) $625
A couple visits with Dr. Hoffman- $500   

This comes to a grand total of $5200 + tax, and that is before treatment!

Thanks to continued support through the Crystal patches campaign, I was able to cover all these costs and finished getting all these tests done last week. On one testing day, I filled 18 vials of blood after food fasting for 13 hrs prior and was only able to drink two cups of water! No fainting, but close.  

I am now waiting for my results and treatment plan which I am hoping I'll get in the next month or so. As for my health right now, I am feeling great with just a little numbness/burning sensation in my left leg.

Cheers to a healthy future!

Crystal Phillips