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Looking for a Nutritionist who...

Does individual nutritional consultations for all ages, understands MS and works with elite athletes?

Looking for a Speaker who...

Does motivational, environmental and/or nutrition presentations?

Contact Crystal Phillips from Branch Out Nutrition (contact info above)





Interview on Global-Edmonton

08/05/2010 18:29  

"I Dated A Girl With A Disease" By JR

06/05/2010 13:08
I Dated A Girl With A Disease...    Yesterday at 9:42pm So I dated a girl with a disease once. But before we go into it you can just stop your judgement right there, I did NOT date her just so that when we broke up other girls would think I was great and awesome for doing it….That’s what...

March/Walk/Stand/Wheel for CCSVI Awareness

05/05/2010 11:30
  McDougall Centre is the southern headquarters and conference centre for the Government of Alberta. Meeting on the West side of the grounds. Everyone is welcome, whether patients, family, friends, or supporters. Bring your signs! However, even the best sign cannot compare to a real...

What is CCSVI and the Liberation Treatment?

01/05/2010 22:41

Macleans Magazine Article

18/04/2010 00:00
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